St James the Great Peckham Rye Parish Groups

1. The Legion of Mary is an international catholic lay movement founded on September 7th 1921 by several Catholics led by Frank Duff in Dublin, Ireland.
2. For more that 90 years dedicated Catholics have accepted Jesus' invitation and proclaimed the Gospel (Mark 16:15).
3. Through our Marian Spirituality we want to show people a way to Jesus Christ who is simple, sincere and family.
4. This lay foundation aims to collaborate in the church's mission of evangelization through the carrying out of a regular work of mercy and attendance at the weekly meeting,
through which the members strive to grow in holiness.
5. It is Mary that leads us to Jesus and helps us to have a deeper understanding and love of the church. She is the Mother of the Church, of Christ and of ourselves.
6. Here in our church we follow the example of Frank Duff - our founder - to seek and be rooted in and share in Our Lady's love of Christ and the Church.
7. Come and join us on a Wednesday evening at 6.30pm. to experience this love we share.